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Why should you consider custom window treatments for your home?

When people think of window treatments, their minds inevitably land on memories of shoddy window blinds that break easily, get tangled up, and are so poorly fitted that they don't really do what they are intended to do. However, there is a difference between off-the-shelf blinds and professionally fitted, custom blinds.

Here are a few reasons why you should ditch your notions of what window treatments are, and how custom treatments help you get the most out of your windows.

Temperature control

The best window treatments help you control heating and cooling costs by controlling the sunlight that enters your house through the windows. This allows you to also control the heat that passes though, by blocking out the sun during peak hours to keep a room cool, or to heat the room up by allowing the sun to pass into the room.

Savvy use of window treatments will allow you to cut back on heating and cooling costs, by allowing to maximize ambient conditions before resorting to more costly alternatives.

UV protection

Another benefit of barring the entry of light into a room, is that it will help protect your furniture and flooring from sun damage. The sun's UV rays can really do a number on the condition and appearance of your valuable flooring and furniture, if given half a chance. You can add years to the life of your floor simply by blocking out the sun during peak hours of the day.


This is probably the number one reason people get custom window treatments. There is only so much curtains can do to maintain your privacy, and off-the-shelf window blinds tend to leave gaps where anyone could see in, not to mention their tendency to break, allowing huge visual gaps that rob you of privacy.

Custom window treatments that have been professionally fitted and installed, however, always cover the windows perfectly, and bar any prying eyes from peeking in.

Is it time to treat your windows to something nice?

If you think it might be time to finally get high-quality window treatments for your home, Capitol Carpet & Tile would love to help! We specialize in custom window blinds and plantation shutters, and we put the same attention to detail and quality control into our window treatment work, as we do for our famously high-quality flooring work.

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