Why not save on Empire Today's prices?

Today's flooring deals have never been better. Here at Capitol Carpet & Tile we are constantly trying to find ways to make things better for our customers. In particular we like to save people money. Here is what we are doing to save you money if you have an Empire Today Flooring Quote.

How can you save on Empire Today's Flooring?

If you have gone into and Empire Store or received an Empire shop at home quote, you can bring that quote in to us and we can save you money. In some cases you could save 30-40% of your flooring costs.

How does it work?
In short what we do is save money on our flooring products by having volume deals with our product manufacturers, we pass these saving on to you. In some cases we have coupons that we can apply to save you money depending on which product you would like to choose.

Please see our Promos page to find any coupons that we have on offer.