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What window treatments look best with my decor?

Actually, that one of those questions that?s best answered with another question. What kind of flooring do you have? Some types will be more prone to fading than others, and that will affect the kind of window treatment you choose.
For instance, hardwood flooring is affected in a big way, and it doesn?t matter if it?s solid or engineered. Depending upon the species, it will get either get lighter or darker.
While all window coverings, drapes, curtains, shades, or plantation shutters, offer protection, it?s best if you have one you can control remotely, such as with Alexa-integration.
Sun and heat can affect the room in other ways, too. Tile, while it won?t fade, is an excellent heat conductor; usually that?s a good thing, because if the floor is cold it will be transferred to your body, but put it into direct sunlight and walk in your bare feet--ouch!
Carpet is exactly the opposite; rather than transferring heat, it will hold onto it so a sunny and hot area can become even more so, and that might require more energy to run the A/C, plus, it does fade, so here you get a double whammy with the sun.
Laminate?s purposely not mentioned, because it?s not affected by the sun.
Other things to consider when choosing window treatments
1.Your home?s position. Is your home on a hill? Does your home have various levels? What direction does each room face? If it?s on a hill or has a room on the 2nd or 3rd floor, you may not need as much privacy as you would on the first floor. The direction affects the amount of direct sunlight the room gets; for example, most artists will request a northern exposure, so their canvases won?t fade.
The sunsets in the west, and that can be blinding. If you have a home office or a highly-used living or family room, a plantation shutter might be best for you, as you can adjust the amount of light that comes through your window; or you may think of a different treatment, such as a block-out curtains or drapes or a Roman shade, perhaps with a liner.
2.Privacy. For some areas, such as the bathroom, bedroom, seclusion and peace is the main priority, which is not to say that blocking the sun still isn?t important. Cellular shades are the best in this instance. These window treatments not only enhance privacy, but also filter the sun and heat and that helps to conserve energy.
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