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Three ways flooring is affected by heat and sun

Did you know that it?s not just your skin that suffers from sunshine? It's UV Rays, and anyone who?s ever been sunburned from sitting in front of a window knows just how it can penetrate; in fact, it?s not uncommon for artists to only look at homes with an indirect, northern exposure, so their works don?t fade.
While you don?t want a dark space, you do need the right coverings so the floor, furniture, accessories and artwork don?t get negatively impacted.
Flooring controls the coolness or warmth of an area
It really isn?t the window but, rather, the kinds of coverings, whether blinds, shades or plantation shutters, curtains or draperies that you install, that affect the comfort level of any area.
Some surfaces, like carpet and tile, are temperature insulators and heat conductors. If the room is cool, carpet will hold on to that coolness, but if it?s hot, that?ll be retained as well.
Tile is an excellent heat conductor. Ever notice your dog will often sleep in the bathroom which is usually tiled? Don?t you just love stepping on tile in bare feet, because it makes your whole body feel cool? That?s because it transfers coolness to your body, but beware, because it can be just as effective in transferring heat. Anyone who?s ever stepped on a tiled outdoor floor knows that.
Two other flooring problems that can be controlled by covering your windows
?Fading: Carpet and hardwood seems especially susceptible and hardwood doesn?t just fade, but it can stain and you can end up with dark spots.
?Expanding: Solid wood swells in heat and humidity. As a result, unless it?s acclimated before installation, the planks can overlap, because there's just no room. A lot of people don?t know this, but laminate flooring can also expand.
The bottom-line
The sun?s strongest during that noon-2 p.m. period. Don?t worry if you?re away from home during the day, because a lot of window coverings can be motorized or Alexa integrated.
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