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Three signs it's time to update your window coverings

Summer time is here again, and there's no better time to update your old window treatments. It's easy to ignore busted up old blinds or dingy curtains through the dark days of Winter, but when the bright sunlight of Summer starts to filter through, the problems start to look a lot more obvious.

Updating your window covering is about more than appearances, however! Here are three reasons why you might want to consider switching out those old window treatments for something a bit more modern.

Energy efficiency
In addition to just looking better, new window treatments can help you control your heating and cooling costs throughout the year. Blocking out sunlight during the hot summer months allows you to turn down the AC a bit, and save a little dough in the process. Conversely, letting the sunlight stream in throughout the day during colder months, and then closing them to trap it in, can help save you cash on heating costs. Quality window treatments also work to cut energy costs by keeping the hot or cold air produced by your heating or cooling systems where it needs to be, inside!

Another great way to improve your home is by motorizing your window coverings, so that they open and close without having to fiddle with chords or rods. They can even be synced up to your devices so that you can program times for them to open and close, to help you to better take advantage of their energy saving features. Plus, it's pretty great not having to even get up and open or close your coverings. All you have to do is say, "Hey Alexa, close the blinds.", and it's done!

Let's be real, when temperatures outside goes up, the clothes tend to come off! If you want to walk around your house in just your skivvies, you probably don't want to be center stage for all the world to see, every time you pass a window!

Quality window treatments will help you maintain your privacy, and give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can let it all hang out, without ending up on the local news for indecent exposure!

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