window treatments

The window treatments you choose really make a difference

Some homeowners are content to throw some curtains on their windows and call it day. Others, however, have more intricate preferences for their window treatments, and we?re betting that?s why you?re here. We want to look at some of the biggest trends, the best materials, and a name brand you won?t be able to do without. Because in the whole scope of things, your windows are as big an interior design element as floors, countertops, and wall colors. There?s no reason to skimp in one area, especially when it?s so easy to draw everything together.

In areas like Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Delray Beach, Capitol Carpet & Tile has been a go-to resource for window treatments. For instance, we offer the increasingly popular banded shades by Hunter Douglas.

Not only is HD a name that demands respect, but the options you have in these shades are impeccable. They can literally transform your windows into an artistic scene with bold colors, two different shape options, and three band heights, for a great variety. This product stops UV rays and helps create privacy without relinquishing your sense of style.

Sheer shades are another popular Hunter Douglas option. They offer excellent light diffusion while resisting UV rays to protect you, your family, and your decor. Sheers can even provide a level of privacy as well, with both vertical and horizontal options that go with all your decor. You?ll get plenty of fabric options with the fabric vanes being attached to a backing that is also sheer.

At our Boca Raton, FL showroom location, you can visit us anytime. We specialize in window treatments and especially the biggest ongoing trends in the market. You?ll also find our custom window blinds and plantation shutters to be quite intriguing as well. With a wide variety of styles and material options, such as basswood, wood alloy, and woven wood, you?ll find these window treatments could be just what you?re looking for.

For more information or to see these gorgeous window treatments for yourself, feel free to visit us any time! We look forward to serving you!