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Six reasons Florida (or anyone, really) loves plantation shutters

You used to see these shutters on a plantation in the Old South, but now they?re everywhere, especially in Florida.
Plantation shutters are window coverings that are built right into the window casements. The louvers, or slats, are horizontal and, unlike blinds or shades, they don?t pull up but, rather, tilt. They?re usually made from wood, but they can be made from other materials, such as vinyl or aluminum. Although they are typically installed on the inside of the window, they can be installed outside as well. Since they always need to be custom-made, they can be used on any shape window, such as circular or diamond.
Best of all, you can have them motorized if you wish.
You don?t need to live on a plantation to love them. In fact, the shutters can add a lot of architectural interest to a room, while serving some important functions.
Six benefits
1.They are great temperature insulators, a real advantage for Florida residents! Sunny rooms are nice, but they can fade and discolor some floors, as well as fabrics and upholstery. Heat (or cold) gets blocked between the window and the shutter, making a big difference in the climate of your room. While many window coverings leave a gap, the plantation shutters are built right snugly into the window frame.
Remember, too, that since the slats tilt, you can control just how much light gets in, as well as the airflow.
2.Increased privacy. They open and close similar to French doors. When you open them, they let in plenty of light and view, but when you close them, it?s completely private. You can also get them with locking mechanisms to add another level of security.
3.They reduce noise. The slats are heavy; blinds and curtains are often thin and usually leave gaps. These are tight, and that makes you say bye-bye to noisy neighbors and traffic. If the windows are double-glazed, that makes it even more soundproof.
4.Easy to clean. It just takes a light dusting or wiping with a damp cloth.
5.They add value to a home. Yes, because they are affixed and, therefore, considered part of the home. That makes them part of the sale price.
6.They last forever. Expect them to last 10 to 25 years.
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