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Motoring your window treatments

There are indeed many perks to motorizing your window treatments. Aside from protecting the mechanism from damage due to mishandling, this option also allows you to have the means to control your blinds with the use of voice recognition. Think it?s too good to be true? Well, then, let?s get into the details of this fantastic new product in today?s article, shall we?
?Hey, Alexa, close the blinds??
Imagine controlling your window treatments with a simple, ?Hey, Alexa, close the blinds.? Now, wouldn?t that be amazing! Well, believe it or not, this isn?t just a distant dream. As wild as it sounds, this window covering alternative is certainly available on the market today. With motorized blinds, your window treatments will be super easy to control, and all without the need to use your hands. Find out more about this amazing product by stopping by our main window treatment showroom in Boca Raton today!
Eliminate mishandling mishaps
As careful as we may be, there may come a time where against our wishes, we just end up mishandling the mechanism that controls our window coverings. Whether it was your pet cat that doesn?t stop playing with the coverings, or young toddler who?s convinced your blinds are the coolest toy ever, eventually with too much this-and-that, your window treatment may not work as well as it should. Having motorized blinds, however, eliminates human (or feline) error, and thus offers a hands-free way to safely, securely open and close your coverings.
Curious about our window treatment options?
At Capitol Carpet & Tile, our showrooms in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Delray Beach, have on-site flooring experts who are ready to answer your every question. Wondering about which flooring would suit your home best? Want to swap your carpeting for tile? Considering installing motorized window coverings? Then stop by one of our showrooms today! If you?re curious about our blind and covering options, come to our Boca Raton location and check out our vast assortment of samples.