Learn About Carpet

Carpet is generally the least expensive type of flooring and the most comfortable compared to hard surface.

There are basic beige and browns to hot pinks and yellows and every color in between. There are many different qualities to choose from. A low profile [shorter fiber, but more dense] may be best for high traffic areas such as offices, businesses, warehouses, places of worship and restaurants. A more plush type of carpet will be more comfortable, softer, and have a more luxurious feeling for a homeowner.
Pricing varies based on the amount of fiber that is in the carpet, the more fiber the more expensive. There are several types of fibers. Wool can be kind of pricey. There is also polypropylene and olefin, (mainly for Berber) and nylon and polyester which are the two most popular.

There are also various types of installation methods based on the environment that the carpet is being installed. Most residential carpet installations require padding, which there is usually several to choose from. Some commercial installations require glue down without pad, some glue down with pad, and some with just pad. Carpets with polypropylene fibers are carpets which can handle UV rays, rain, extreme heat and cold.

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