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Is carpet durable?

If you're considering carpet flooring?for your home, you might wonder if it's durable. The good news is that you can customize these floors to give you precisely what you need.

If you have pets or children, carpeting could be a perfect match. Or you can cater to low traffic areas as well.

What makes a carpet durable?

Fiber plays a significant role in natural durability, with nylon offering excellent strength. In addition, it stands up well to crushing and wears with ease for a longer lifespan.

Polyester is an excellent choice in low-traffic areas for superior stain resistance. These carpet floors can be perfect in children's rooms and bedrooms.

Even more, durability is available

If you have pets, children, or both, you'll need more than "natural" protection. That's where built-in stain and wear protection can be beneficial.

Many brands offer this option, which never wears off and can protect the life of the flooring. And, amazingly, it's also easy to clean and gives up to 20 years or more lifespans.

Don't forget all the other carpet benefits

There are some features that these floors offer at any durability level. In addition, carpet flooring provides some of the most beautiful visuals, with colors and fibers for any decor.

You'll also find noise suppression and hypoallergenic options that cater to all. And you'll find out even more as you shop with us.

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