Boca Raton window treatments

How much should I budget for window coverings?

That?s a confusing question, because there?s so much from which to choose, and your selection is really going to depend upon many factors, of which only you can address.

A window can be dressed in curtains, draperies, blinds, shades, and shutters, and the coverings all have a different function, so you?ll need a good idea of your purpose.

Depending upon the type of coverings for your window, you might pay as little as $7 for a basic, but not very durable, blind, to upwards of $1000 for a curtain made of specialized silk. Likewise, you can pay $700 for a shutter with a lot of bells and whistles, or you can pay $20 for one.

Homeadvisor says that, in 2019, the average cost for a window treatment, including installation, is $231. But there is such a wide assortment; the actual price can be as low as $93, and as high as $403.

Keep in mind those are average figures.

The bottom line: Window treatments aren?t just coverings for those open spaces, so when budgeting, don?t just make them an afterthought.
First decide on the room
Does it get so sunny it can fade other furnishings?

If so, you?ll probably want something that?ll block the sunshine a bit.

Does the room get hot? Maybe you want something with a cooling mechanism. That, especially when combined with a cool surface like tile, can cut down those air-conditioning bills.

Finally, what?s the style of the room? Traditional and dramatic? Casual and contemporary? Cottage-like? Are you looking for something that?s timeless and classic? If you?re the kind of person who likes to change styles frequently, you may want to pay a little less.
Other things to consider
?Price: It?s an old, but very true, clich?: Some shop for price, others for quality. Look at the big picture: If the results aren?t what you expected, isn?t it a waste to purchase something only to have to replace it in a year or two?
?Durability: You will pay more for quality, but something may last up to 20 years, while those rock-bottom, bargain-basement ones will require replacement in a year or two.
?Additional features: You will pay more for mechanisms that filter out UV light, or some kind of remote control device that will let you raise or lower blinds from afar. Only you can decide if these features are worth it.

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