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Get more light in your home with these 5 tips

Unless your plan is to completely overhaul your house, there?s not a whole lot you can do to add a significant amount of light naturally. Nonetheless, here are indeed several small things you can do that will ultimately add more light in a room naturally. If you?re about to redo a space, you may want to read through the following 5 tips from our Capitol Carpet & Tile showroom experts in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Delray Beach, FL.
1 ? Mirror, mirror on the wall.
Add mirrors to as space to increase light naturally, particularly across from windows, as doing so will directly reflect the light that filters in.
2 ? Use more reflective surfaces.
When you use reflective surfaces like glass mosaic tiles, or a shiny backsplash, it gives the impression of extra light in the room, since this adds surfaces for natural light to bounce off of.
3 ? Add translucent window treatments.
Window treatments and curtains that are dark and heavy work directly against natural light. They?re just doing their job, really, since these kinds of window treatments are meant to block light, not let it in. As such, you?ll want to install window treatments that are light and airy, as translucent as possible. Florida?s love affair with plantation shutters are a great example of how homeowners often install window treatments to maximize light coming into the home, with the ability to block it when desired.
4 ? Paint ceilings bright white.
Ceilings that are painted a white color, ideally bright white, reflect light as well. If your walls are already a white tone, then you can choose a mat white color to create a contrast. Additionally, the white also creates a sense of openness and brilliance.
5 ? Regular cleaning routine
Believe it or not, a regular cleaning routine that keeps all reflective surfaces in the room, increases the light in a space. So, get out your duster and have at it with the windows, light bulbs, and fixtures. It will really make a difference!
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