window treatments

Floors & window treatments: Working together for your home

It?s like a puzzle. When the pieces come together, a complete picture is formed. Think about this: The right treatments can manage sun and heat, something of which there?s no lack in Florida, so make sure you have the right windows.

Now think about your flooring and how that can also help with the temperature. Many types, such as carpet and tile, are insulators or temperature conductors, meaning that they?ll hold on to a feeling for a long time.

Everyone loves big, bright windows where one can look out at the sun, or landscape, but that heat can also make a room pretty unpleasant. That results in fading, melting, increased electrical costs and even damaged appliances.

When remodeling, consider not just the flooring but also the blinds, curtains, casements and other treatments for your windows.

Other reasons it?s a good idea to think of window treatments and floors at the same time:

Coordination: ?Design from the floor up? is the battle cry of many designers. It simply means to start with the floor first and coordinate walls, windows, upholstery and other woods around it. When you see how all the pieces fit together, blinds, valances, curtains and draperies are all pretty big factors in how a room looks, you can start to envision the appearance of the entire area.

Control both style and function. Of course you want everything to coordinate well so you can express your style. Think of coral carpeting, with a color like blue that works well, and if that blue is drapery, it?ll keep the place cool. Wow!

Keep floors, upholstery and other objects from fading. There?s a reason why artists in the market to purchase or rent will ask for something with the less sunny northern exposure. Too much sunshine fades their canvases, as it can with anything else.
You actually experience the room. It?s not enough to only envision it, but you get to touch and feel the various elements and see how they work together.

Keep appliances safe. Heat and sun make appliances run longer and hotter, which can result in damage.

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