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Five reasons to have Alexa pull up those shades!

In recent years, smart appliances have enabled homeowners to schedule appliances to run when electricity and water usage is at its lowest (and cheapest), not to mention you can turn on the oven while stuck in traffic and still come home to a fully cooked, ready-to-eat meal.

Now your windows can be smart, too, with treatments that only require the push of a button, or a command from Alexa to go up, down, open or close.

Do you know that when you motorize your window treatment it can help you sleep better, Alexa? We need melatonin, but we have to signal our brains to turn it off at daybreak to keep our sleep cycle in balance. That?s prompted by natural light, and it?s pretty easy to get distracted, and forget to let the light shine in, isn?t it?

With this option, you don?t have to think about it.
Here are 4 more reasons to have Alexa-type window treatments
?Safety and Security. The last thing you want to do is advertise that you?re not home, especially if you have kids there, and It?s hard enough to get them to remember to take out the trash, let alone draw blinds, shades, curtains or whatever you have on the windows. Do it yourself, and you know it?s done.
?Save on replacement costs. Tugging and pulling can really take a toll and, when it?s a blind, you often have to do it several times to make sure it?s even. Motorize them and you can just schedule your window treatments to open or close at certain times, and it?ll be right the first time.
?Savings, from furniture to energy. The sun is at its brightest and hottest and your floors, furniture and upholstery might fade. Close the blinds, shades, shutters or draperies during this time, and your AC won?t have to work overtime (and cost you a fortune), and nothing will fade.
?Extra convenience. Really, do we need to explain this?

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