window treatments

What do carpet padding and window coverings have in common?

Answer: Both make the floor function better, but are often overlooked. While padding is the driveway?s foundation, the right window coverings help keep floors from fading, and other damage caused by sun and heat.
Aesthetics shouldn?t be the only consideration when designing your window coverings.
Here are the answers to some of the concerns about floors, sun and fading that we hear at the Capitol Carpet & Tile showroom.
?How can window coverings help regulate the room temperature? Simply, a cool room will result in a cool floor. The biggest example is carpet; many automatically think a rug will make the room hotter, but it can be the opposite. Rugs insulate against temperature, so it maintains the cool.
Remember, if you?re away from home during that 12:00 to 4:00 period when the sun is at its hottest and brightest, you can control your blinds from afar with some Alexa integration. (By the way, some, such as draperies and cellular shades can also insulate against noise.)
?Really, they can decrease energy costs? Yes, and did you know that the Department of Energy says that they can reduce heat gain by up to 77 percent?? Of course it depends upon whether it?s an open or closed weave, but keeping the curtains closed, especially where the sun comes in, keeps you from running the air conditioner all day and, hence, keeps you from mumbling when the electric bills come in.
?Are hardwood floors affected by sun and heat? Yes, they create color deterioration, whether it?s fading, bleaching or darkening. That happens, whether the wood floor is solid or engineered. Of course you can do things like use special sealants, or move furniture and rugs around, but ultimately, use wall coverings will protect them.
?What about tile? Isn?t that always cool anyway so why should it matter? Tile is a heat conductor and if the room?s cold, it will transfer to your body, but it can also work the other way around. (Just ask anyone who has a tiled deck or patio that is in direct sunlight.) When it?s hot, that will also transfer to your body. Keep the drapes and blinds pulled and the shutters closed.
?What about laminate? While this material is a little more resistant to sun damage, due to its aluminum oxide coating, it can only tolerate a moderate amount of sun. Better safe than sorry, and use coverings on your window.
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