Boca Raton window treatments

Are you in the market for new window treatments?

When it comes to creating a big difference in your surroundings in the least noticeable way, window treatments are a great way to do it. While they aren?t necessarily the first thing you will notice when walking into your rooms, they play a huge part in the feel of the space. Because it does make such a difference, even though it?s not a key decor element, there is a need to put some planning into your options to find which ones work best for your specific needs.

At Capitol Carpet & Tile, the fact that we work towards complete customer satisfaction with every project is evident from the time you walk into our showroom in Boca Raton, FL. Our associates respect your specifications in flooring and worth in a timely matter to make sure you have the quality you deserve in both products and services. We invite you to visit our showroom soon so that we can help get your flooring project underway today. We currently serve the areas of Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Delray Beach, and we look very forward to also serving you also.

Window treatments and the difference they can make

At the very most basic level, when choosing options for your window treatments, you?ll find products such as blinds, drapes and shades. Often it can be confusing as to what actually classifies in these product lines. Blinds are one of the most classic products for your windows, offering both a vertical and a horizontal option. Drapes are much like curtains, but they offer more character and depth, and can even be combined with other elements for a great finished look. Often found in offices and other commercial settings, shades come in various style in materials like cotton, bamboo, and canvas.

Sometimes, placement is everything when it comes to your chosen window coverings. For instance, mounting your drapes higher than your window actually measures, and wider as well, can work to open a room up, making it feel much larger than it really is. Adding the right combination of colors and textures can add to this effect, as can doing the reverse steps to create a more cozy space in private areas where it makes more sense.