Window treatments in Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Window treatments in Palm Beach Gardens, FL: transform your space with stylish elegance

At Capitol Carpet & Tile and Window Fashions, we understand that window treatments play a vital role in enhancing your home's overall aesthetics and functionality. Our wide range of window treatments in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, offers the perfect blend of style, privacy, and light control. Whether you're looking to update your living room, bedroom, or any other space, our high-quality window coverings will elevate your interior design to new heights.

Exploring your window treatment styles and options


Plantation shutters: timeless elegance and versatility

Plantation shutters are a classic choice that adds timeless elegance to any room. These shutters are crafted from durable materials and provide excellent light control and privacy. They feature adjustable louvers, allowing you to regulate the amount of sunlight entering your space while maintaining a comfortable atmosphere.

Window blinds: sleek and functional

Window blinds are designed to provide a sleek and contemporary look while offering optimal light control. Choose from various materials, including wood alloy blinds, basswood window blinds, and faux wood blinds, to match your style and budget. With adjustable slats, you can easily manage the amount of light and privacy you desire.

Sheer vertical blinds: graceful light filtering

For those seeking an elegant combination of style and functionality, sheer vertical blinds are an excellent choice. These window treatments gently filter natural light, creating a soft and warm ambiance. Their vertical orientation adds a touch of sophistication while allowing easy control over privacy and sunlight.

Roman shades: classic beauty and versatility

Roman shades bring a touch of classic beauty to your windows. Available in a wide range of fabrics, colors, and patterns, they effortlessly enhance the overall aesthetic of any room. These shades are known for their versatility, providing various light filtering options to suit your preferences.

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Woven wood shades: natural warmth and texture

If you desire a more natural and rustic look, woven wood shades are the ideal option. These shades are crafted from eco-friendly materials like bamboo, reeds, and grasses, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere. The unique texture and natural hues add depth and character to your space.

Pleated shades: style and simplicity

Pleated shades offer a perfect balance of style and simplicity. They feature crisp pleats that create a sleek and contemporary appearance. These window treatments come in various colors and light filtering options, allowing you to personalize your space while controlling sunlight and privacy.

Cellular shades: energy efficiency and insulation 

Cellular shades are an excellent choice for those looking for window treatments that offer energy efficiency and insulation properties. These shades have a honeycomb-like structure that traps air, providing enhanced insulation and temperature control. With a vast selection of colors and opacity levels, you can customize your cellular shades to match your decor and privacy requirements.

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Enhance the beauty and functionality of your windows with our premium selection of window treatments in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. At Capitol Carpet & Tile and Window Fashions, we're committed to delivering high-quality products that transform your space into a stylish and inviting sanctuary.

Contact us today to explore our wide range of options and let our experts guide you in finding the perfect window covering for your home. Our showroom in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, serves people in and around Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Lost Tree, Ibis, Mirasol, Avenir, Alton, Ballen Isles, Artistry, Abacoa, and Bayhill Estates, FL. Call today!