Vinyl sheet vs. vinyl plank flooring in South Florida from Capitol Carpet & Tile

Vinyl sheet vs. vinyl plank flooring

We are often asked about our thoughts on vinyl sheet flooring vs. vinyl plank and if there's a big difference between the two. It's our pleasure to answer this question, so our customers have the information they need to create the best flooring experience.

If you're thinking about the differences between these two product formats, here are some facts to help you make an informed decision. We're ready to help you work through your requirements and the difference between vinyl plank flooring vs. vinyl sheet flooring.

Essential facts for any upgrade

One of the most apparent differences between these two products is that a single piece of sheet vinyl can cover an average-sized room. But the plank format offers rectangular pieces in various sizes that we must install one piece at a time.

They also differ because vinyl plank flooring offers durability, thicker wear, a protective core, and backing layers. Vinyl sheet flooring vs. plank also shows sheet products have no seams, so spills are less likely to find their way beneath the flooring.

Both products are 100% waterproof, so you won't have to worry about spills, dampness, or humidity, so it's perfect for parents and pet owners. Finally, take the time to consider the extensive visuals available in these product lines to find the ideal d?cor match for every room in your home.

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