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FIve reasons Florida loves plantation shutters

Pick up a copy of Florida?s ?Coastal Living?, and you?ll see that you don?t need to live on a plantation to love shutters.

One of the most popular window treatments, you?ll see these shutters in all houses, from farms to beach cottages, to the most traditional structure, not to mention they?re a popular accessory for outdoor use, such as porches, patios and terraces.

Florida loves them mainly because it evokes images and happy memories of ?Old Florida,? but there?s a lot more reasons to love plantation shutters, including:

?They last a long time, sometimes as much as 20+ years if you treat them right. They can stand up to anything, including the Florida sunshine, heat and UV rays. Plantation shutters are tough, don?t show their age (lucky them!), and they don?t buckle, twist or distort.

?They come in a lot of designs. You can get some that cover all or half window, as well as those that come in solid or b-fold panels, and available in different materials, such as wood and aluminum. They can be hand-painted or stained to add a unique touch to the treatment.

Let?s also talk about PVC, a plastic that looks incredibly like wood. Just like some flooring, such as laminate and waterproof flooring, PVC looks exactly like wood, without the high price tag.

Please remember that, like flooring, you don?t have to use the same style for all rooms. All shutters have the same thing in common, though: They add sophistication, elegance, and will up level your home?s appearance.

?Add security to your estate, or plantation, or home. Think about it: Close the shutters and no one knows if you?re home or not. You can also get a locking device to deter intruders.
?Save energy. They keep out the Florida sun and heat, so the room stays comfortable.
?Are easy to clean. Anyone who has ever stood on a stool or ladder to clean blinds slot-by-slot will appreciate that all you need to do is wipe a damp cloth, or some dust-attracting one, over the blade.

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