Porcelain vs. Ceramic Tile: Which is Best for Your Shower?

Porcelain vs. Ceramic Tile: Which is Best for Your Shower?

When remodeling a bathroom, choosing the right materials for surfaces exposed to moisture and wear is crucial. Among the most popular choices for shower walls and floors are porcelain and ceramic tiles. Both options are highly regarded for their durability and aesthetic versatility, but which one is truly the best for your shower? This blog will compare porcelain and ceramic tiles, helping you make an informed decision for your bathroom remodel.

Understanding Porcelain and Ceramic Tile


Porcelain Tile: 

Porcelain tile is renowned for its durability and water resistance. It is made from a more refined clay and fired at higher temperatures than ceramic tile, resulting in a denser and less porous material. This makes porcelain tile an excellent choice for high-moisture areas like showers. It's also highly resistant to staining, chipping, and scratching, making it a long-lasting option for any bathroom.

Ceramic Tile: 

Ceramic tile is made from natural clay, sand, and water, which is then baked in a kiln to solidify. While it is softer and more porous than porcelain, modern ceramic tiles are glazed with a protective layer that makes them suitable for wet environments. Ceramic tiles offer a wider variety of colors and textures because they are easier to cut and shape, making them ideal for custom designs.

Porcelain vs. Ceramic Tile: Performance in Showers


Water Resistance: 

Porcelain tiles are less porous than ceramic tiles, making them virtually impervious to water penetration. This inherent property makes porcelain an excellent choice for showers where water exposure is constant. Ceramic tiles, while also effective at resisting moisture, require a good-quality glaze to prevent water absorption and potential damage over time.


Porcelain tiles are harder and denser than ceramic tiles, which generally translates to better durability and wear resistance in high-traffic areas. This is particularly important in shower environments where the combination of water, soap, and regular cleaning can quickly wear down less durable surfaces. Ceramic tiles are still durable but may require more frequent repairs or replacements if chips or cracks occur.


Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are relatively low maintenance, but porcelain's lower porosity makes it easier to clean and less likely to stain than ceramic tiles. This can be a significant advantage in a shower, where soap scum, mold, and mildew are common issues.


Ceramic tiles are typically less expensive than porcelain tiles, both in terms of raw material costs and installation. Ceramic is easier to cut and install, which can reduce the cost of labor, making it a budget-friendly option for many homeowners.

Aesthetic and Design Flexibility:

While porcelain offers a slightly more refined and elegant look, ceramic tiles are available in a broader range of textures, colors, and shapes. This makes ceramic a popular choice for homeowners looking for custom designs or specific style matches in their bathroom decor.

Making the Right Choice for Your Shower


Choosing between porcelain and ceramic tile for your shower depends on your specific needs and preferences. If durability, low maintenance, and moisture resistance are your top priorities, porcelain tile is likely the best choice. However, if you are working with a tighter budget or desire more design flexibility, ceramic tile could be the more suitable option.

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Whether you choose porcelain or ceramic tile for your shower, both materials can offer durability, aesthetic appeal, and value. By understanding the unique benefits of each option, you can select the best tile that meets your expectations for performance, budget, and design. Visit your local Capitol Carpet & Tile and Window Fashions showroom to view their selection and take the first step toward your dream bathroom.