Tile flooring in Palm Beach Gardens, FL from Capitol Carpet & Tile

Will any tile do for flooring?

There are plenty of tile flooring options for covering your floors. Both porcelain and ceramic make excellent choices for any room in your home.

But will any tile product do for flooring? We're going to answer that question for you.

Different tile products are important

Floor tiles are perfect for flooring your home, but these aren't the only available tiles. You'll also find wall tiles, but these won't work for your flooring.

Wall tiles are much thinner than the porcelain and ceramic tile used in flooring. And while they're perfect for backsplashes, they aren't durable enough for flooring.

What are floor tiles like?

Floor tiles are thicker, denser, and resist cracks, chips, scratches, etc. As a result, they're an excellent choice for even your busiest areas, offering excellent protection.

Floor tiles are cut into any shape and size for designs and mosaics that personalize any space. And you'll be able to take advantage of limitless design opportunities.

Here's what you should know about installation

Only professional installation will do for tile flooring. The process demands special tools, expertise, and complete precision.

While the process can take some time, it's well worth your results. Be sure to ask us if you have any questions about the process or the materials.

We have the tile flooring you need

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