Blog > Why not save on Empire Today's prices?

Why not save on Empire Today's prices?

Today's flooring deals have never been better. Here at Capitol Carpet & Tile we are constantly trying to find ways to make things better for our customers. In particular we like to save people money. Here is what we are doing to save you money if you have an Empire Today Flooring Quote.

How can you save on Empire Today's Flooring?

If you have gone into and Empire Store or received an Empire shop at home quote, you can bring that quote in to us and we can save you money. In some cases you could save 30-40% of your flooring costs.

How does it work?
In short what we do is save money on our flooring products by having volume deals with our product manufacturers, we pass these saving on to you. In some cases we have coupons that we can apply to save you money depending on which product you would like to choose.

Please see our Promos page to find any coupons that we have on offer.

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Blog > New Carpet Smell Static – More Carpet Tips

New Carpet Smell Static – More Carpet Tips

After a new carpet installation, there may be a few things that happen to your carpet. These things are common after most carpet installations, but if you are really concerned feel free to contact us with your carpeting questions or needs.

The New Carpet SmellJust like a new car, some new carpets have that “new carpet smell.” Don’t worry….it usually goes away within a week, sometimes within days. However there are some things that you can do to minimize the “new carpet smell.” You can ventilate the area as much as possible, if the smell bothers you. But most people like the smell of new carpet. You can open your doors and windows. You can even use fans to keep the air circulating during installation and for up to 72 hours if you wish. Take advantage of your heating or air conditioning fans, if you have them. Vacuuming your carpet also helps remove the odor.

SproutingSometimes, loose tufts appear above the new carpet’s surface. To remove the loose tufts, clip them to be even with the carpet’s surface. Try not to pull out the loose ends! If you do, you can possibly damage your new carpet.

SheddingSome new carpets retain some loose fibers after they leave the carpet mill or carpet store. These fibers often appear as balls of fluff on the surface of your carpet or in your vacuum cleaner. With time, they will work their way out of the carpet and no longer be a nuisance. Shedding primarily occurs with cut pile carpets.

RipplingSometimes in high humidity, your carpet may experience some slight rippling. This situation often resolves itself as the carpet settles. If the problem persists, give us a call.

ShadingYou may notice some variations in the color of your carpet – one area may seem to change color when you look at it from different directions. This is because light reflects differently as the pile is pushed in a variety of directions. Foot traffic generally causes this to happen and the best solution is to sweep or vacuum the pile in a uniform direction. Shading is impossible to eliminate in some cut pile styles. Remember, it’s just the way the light is hitting your new carpet. Rub it one way with your hand and it will look different as you rub it the other way.

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Blog > Attributes of Laminate Flooring

Attributes of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is generally a less expensive alternate to wood without the maintenance factor! Laminate flooring has a lot of great qualities. It is stain resistant, and you never have to buff, refinish or wax them. The only maintenance required for laminate wood floors is a general over the counter laminate floor cleaner. Laminate wood flooring has come a long way. With recent technology advances sometimes by just looking at laminate wood flooring you cannot tell the difference between real hardwood floors and laminate wood floors. Installation of laminate flooring is also less expensive and easier to install. Laminates can install over existing hard surface flooring like ceramic tile, vinyl, wood, parquet, etc. which means no costly charges for ripping up and removal of old flooring. It also means less installation mess! Today, laminate flooring is available in an array of styles, textures, colors, and finishes (matte finishes vs. gloss).

Laminate flooring is an ideal fit for every customer, from owners to renters. Pricing on laminate flooring also varies and as mentioned before, is generally less expensive than real hardwood floors. It is also an easier type of flooring to install for a novice do it yourself person.
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Blog > Learn About Carpet

Learn About Carpet

Carpet is generally the least expensive type of flooring and the most comfortable compared to hard surface.

There are basic beige and browns to hot pinks and yellows and every color in between. There are many different qualities to choose from. A low profile [shorter fiber, but more dense] may be best for high traffic areas such as offices, businesses, warehouses, places of worship and restaurants. A more plush type of carpet will be more comfortable, softer, and have a more luxurious feeling for a homeowner.
Pricing varies based on the amount of fiber that is in the carpet, the more fiber the more expensive. There are several types of fibers. Wool can be kind of pricey. There is also polypropylene and olefin, (mainly for Berber) and nylon and polyester which are the two most popular.

There are also various types of installation methods based on the environment that the carpet is being installed. Most residential carpet installations require padding, which there is usually several to choose from. Some commercial installations require glue down without pad, some glue down with pad, and some with just pad. Carpets with polypropylene fibers are carpets which can handle UV rays, rain, extreme heat and cold.

Capitol Carpet and Tile Stores carry an amazing selection of flooring products. Stop in or give us a call, we would love to hear from you.
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